PS4 Console: Review

Since I did a game review for PS4’s Horizon Zero Dawn, might as well do a quick review of the console itself. The PlayStation 4 serves up stunning design, keeps running on a streamlined and consistent interface and gloats an awesome controller. It has the high ground in outside the box diversions and can stream a continually developing rundown of legacy titles through PlayStation Now. The PS4 makes it super-simple to catch and communicate gameplay on the web and for the most part conveys a zippier execution than its immediate rivalry. It additionally serves as a Blu-beam player and strong media-spilling box.

Here’s that awful thing. The Xbox One has a slight edge in non-gaming excitement elements, for example, gushing substance and media entryway applications. Final verdict: The PlayStation 4’s delightful illustrations, shrewd interface, blasting execution, close flawless controller and better outside the box offerings give it an edge over the Xbox One however that edge is steadily contracting.


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